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History of Kingston

Things have changed quite a bit from our humble beginnings when we commenced classes for the very 1st time on Open Day Sat 1st February 2000. To our surprise, over 40 new members walked in the door and Kingston Calisthenics College began, and believe it or not we all seemed to fit well into the very small McIndoe Hall in Mordialloc.

Our founding members Jo, Karen, Kelly, Linda, Lisa and Trish put on any hat they needed to make it work. Budgets were tight, costumes were designed to be used for multiple items, some even had NO SEQUINS! But right from the very 1st day, the spirit was there. We have always strived to be a college that welcomed all, that was friendly and happy and aimed to make calisthenics enjoyable for all our members.

Our first annual concert was at Breeze St, Bonbeach, where the coaches had to do some “masters” items to fill the program and allow girls time to change between items. 

We have had the honour and pleasure of winning so many aggregates and have moved through many divisions at a rate so fast, most of our competitors never know who we were. Our pupils now represent Calisthenics not only within their teams, but also in solo and duo performances, as members of Victorian State Teams and in Calisthenic Skills exams.

Over the years, our families have been an integral part of the College, including an extremely hard working committee that combines both coaches and parents.

There have been so many great memories over the past 15 years, most of which have involved the friendships we have formed, and we are sure all the girls that have been members of Kingston share some very special friendships, as do many of the parents. These are often friendships that last a lifetime.

We are extremely proud of our achievements from the very beginning to now more than 20 years later.

Life Members


Trish Freeman


Hayley Pritchard

Sue Woods


Barbara Booth

Karen McGoldrick

And many more to come

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