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Kingston Coaches 2023

Our dedicated and highly skilled team of head coaches are focused on fostering a warm, welcoming and engaging learning environment for our pupils.


All our coaches have a a minimum of their Level 1 qualification along with first aid, child safety and
working with children certifications.


Our coaches are all accredited and qualified through the Victorian Calisthenics Coaches Association and are committed to the ongoing development of our members.

Ronice Ritter


Recreational Masters Coach

Kingston Gold Recreational Masters Coach Ronice started the recreational Masters section in 2016. This class has been very successful for all of those women who want to try or get back in to calisthenics, but don’t want toperform at competitions.


The class has been lots of fun for Mums who have never done calisthenics but want to experience what their daughters are enjoying, and women who have done calisthenics when they were younger and would love to get back in to it.


Ronice runs this class focussing on fun, fitness and strength, catering to all abilities and ages above 26.

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